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Essayez-vous au trampoline à Bounce, affrontez-vos amis dans une partie de laser tag à Thrill Zone, passez derrière le volant au Kartdrome du Dubai Autodrome ou encore grimpez les falaises de Adventure HQ à Times Square Center.

Enfin, pour un cocktail d’activités sportives, direction Dubai Sports World où vous pourrez pratiquer le badminton, le football, le basketball ou encore le skateboard dans un grand espace climatisé transformé en véritable temple du sport.

S’ils débordent (un peu trop) d’énergie et ont besoin de se dépenser, proposez-leur d’enfiler une paire de patins à glace et de profiter de la patinoire au beau milieu du mall : Dubai ice rink !

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I was a mere listener then, sitting on the sidelines of an encounter between the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) Chairman and a film industry figure who was trying to convince him to do things her way.I cheered silently, as Al Sharif at once supported firmly his own choices -- and those of the Commission -- and listened to her suggestions, told in that typical "I know better than you" tone that so-called Hollywood experts tend to use to address relative "newcomers" to the game.Because in terms of timing, and timing only, Dubai is indeed the last player to join the world game of cinema and outsiders tend to make the mistake of thinking that young means naive.There are countless serials and dramas filming in Dubai Studio City at all times and a heap of other projects being considered by the Commission these days, so many they have had to turn down quite a few because the location is just too busy.Then there is the respect for his culture that Al Sharif exudes but also encourages.Hence a person could be charged on this federal penal code, or under a local (emirate) penal code.


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