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The drama was able to manage the light and deep aspects of the drama which made it a well-balanced, really good drama. The age gap does not bother me because my parents met in the same manner as well -- my mom is my dad's professor. I love Park Shin Hye but not enough to endure such garbage! But used her vulnerability to take advantage and get close to her. I definitely won't recommend such an inappropriate drama. i can't believe people are so blinded by shin hye's beauty and the kissing. he literally looked like he was going to eat her face off, every single time. kim rae won you are so cute and handsome..shin hye you are so beautiful i wanna be as pretty and charming as you are...thumbs up to all your hardwork in making DOCTORS! Sometimes a good storyline is not impotant, its the curiousity of viewers. PSH's FANS, you must be very grateful to Kim Rae Won.. I couldn't help but comment because its too unfair for KRW. You can try to change it but if it doesn't work out for the better then it wasn't meant to be.You know, love does not see age -- just as it does not see gender, race, or colour. If he fell for her as an adult after they met years later than it wouldn't be so distasteful. I'm in shock at it's success considering there are so many better dramas out there. the first kiss was terrible, the second was a shock and so on. .you all @nayo , meaning in that year when Pinocchio was shown, it did not break the trend (low ratings). I am not a fan of him I only watched him once here, and i find him a serious actor good actor. Among all her dramas I would give the least ratings for this one. Ji Sung and Hyeri in drama Entertainer, they have 17 years gap in real life, so what's the deal?On the other hand, there are contract lawyers that review contracts and don’t spend time in front of judges or juries.

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Heartbroken Connie Yates and Chris Gard both sobbed and yelled 'no' as Mr Justice Francis sided with Great Ormond Street doctors who believe his life support should be switched off.The High Court judge said he had made the decision with the 'heaviest of hearts' but with 'complete conviction' that letting Charlie die was in his best interests because he may be in pain and there is no accepted cure to his rare genetic condition.After the ruling his parents said they could not understand why the judge had not 'at least given Charlie the chance of treatment in America'.Before the ruling his mother said she would set up a charity in his name to save other children with the donations if his life was not spared.Little Charlie's parents have now sought permission to challenge the ruling at the Court of Appeal. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.


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