Finedrive 400 updating procedures

Justice4 the claims company owned by Lee Roy Pallister, which went bust recently but re-emerged as Hello Consulting and Tucola Ltd, with his wife as named director, has been taken over.

05 f350, 6.0, have bulletproof erg cooler and oil cooler, head studs, and a mild tuner.

It now just needs to be seen if these companies comply with the Arbitrator, if not the committee will then have to resort to the Spanish Courts to enforce the judgement.

We wish them all the very best and hope that this sorry tale will be over very soon. Now for some news which is proving to be rather disturbing.

:/ I bought the car December 6th 2012 from a local tow yard, it had sat with out being driven for 32 days, but when I went to look at the car it started right up and everything seemed to be working just fine. It has custom tint, head/tail lights, and sound system.

The car being in a tow yard was buy as is, and they wouldn't let me test drive.


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