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Now it has emerged that Taylor has been secretly dating 26-year-old Joe for several months.

A friend of the singer told yesterday how the couple have been seeing one another as much as their busy schedules have allowed – but had wanted to keep the relationship private at such an early stage.“This isn’t a new couple alert or a secret relationship – the only people this has been a secret to is the media because all of us, Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families, were aware they have been together for several months and have known each other for a long time,” the friend said.“After her 1989 tour and all the attention Taylor received, she learned she had to be more protective of her personal life, and she and Joe decided early on to keep their private life private.”The actor is currently shooting royal saga The Favourite, alongside Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone.

The chart-topper, 27, has repeatedly shown a passion for all things British.But when it comes to her home, she only trusts one man.Now that she’s divorced and Mario has moved out of the apartment they once shared in New York, Ramona Singer wants to give the apartment a modern makeover. Enjoy the simple things in life and not be pretentious and in need of impressing other people.” OUCH.Mariah Carey fans were blown away when Bryan Tanaka, Mimi's backup dancer, declared his love for the singer.Note the equivalence of "Asian" with "ugly" in those above tweets.


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