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Everybody's wanted me to fight for the title after that last fight, but I guess I've got to prove to the fans and the UFC...maybe I've got to face one more guy before I step out there. I'm a fighter, and whoever they want me to fight, I'm gonna do it, but a win over Rory...

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“You’re not capable of getting it back,” Rockhold said to Weidman, who was sitting a few feet away during an FS1 interview.In his own words, he's going to "put his foot down." In a recent interview with the Three Amigos Podcast, Stephen talked about his disappointment at being passed over for title contention, putting a little pep in his post-fight interview and how he and Chris Weidman have found themselves to be part of one big family. After my last fight, and being the guy that beat Johny Hendricks, I thought they were going to give me the title shot, but hats off to the UFC for actually doing what they said they were gonna do.-Stephen Thompson "In the welterweight division, you have, of course, Rory at Number 1, and he fought for the title last July.The two dated casually before Lovato started seeing Luke Rockhold — another MMA fighter.Their relationship lasted a short while before Lovato decided that she wanted to get back together with Vasconcelos, according to TMZ.Cannabidiol doesn’t contain THC or have any of the psychotropic effects associated with its use, but is still disallowed by the USADA.


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