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Providers must meet these conditions at all times they provide registered care, as well as other requirements for registration.It is an offence not to meet conditions unless the provider has a reasonable excuse.Geocaching is a constantly changing and evolving activity and as a result these guidelines are subject to change.At times a geocache may meet the requirements for publication on the site but the reviewers, as experienced geocachers, may see additional concerns not listed in these guidelines that you as a geocache placer may not have noticed.If a geocache has been published and violates any guidelines listed below, you are encouraged to report it.*Conditions are restrictions that Ofsted places on a registration.I get caught--but it is OK, because the priest has me move it to a better location.

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If your geocache does not adhere to all of our guidelines and applicable regional policies, it may be placed on hold, temporarily disabled or permanently archived.In addition to the costs of giving notice of marriage or civil partnership the ceremony fees are as follows: The fee includes one copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate.Remember that copies of certificates can always be obtained at a later date.It is widely regarded as one of the finest Neo-Classical buildings in the world and is a Grade I listed building.Built in the early 1800s as a space for music festivals and the civil and crown courts, the hall has always been at the heart of community life in the city.The Register Office has three beautifully decorated ceremony rooms at the hall.


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